Visualizing cloud simulations with Maya®

final rendering of cloud simulation with Autodesk Maya

At the Naval Postgraduate School we are developing a numerical model for the atmosphere called NUMA (Non-hydrostatic Unified Model of the Atmosphere). NUMA is the dynamical core inside of the Navy’s next-generation NEPTUNE weather prediction system. NEPTUNE stands for the Navy’s Environmental Prediction sysTem Using the NUMA corE. NUMA is unified across numerics (using both continuous and…

Meteorological Programming and Numerics 2011, Mainz, Germany


Meteorological Programming and Numerics 2010, Mainz, Germany

Attendees can ask me via e-mail for material of previous…

Adaptive discontinuous Galerkin model for the dry compressible Navier-Stokes equations in 2d

Density current from Straka et al. (1993) with adaptively refined triangular mesh at t=900s.

This numerical model was developed for the project “Adaptive numerical modeling of atmospheric moist convection”. It uses the function library amatos (by Jörn Behrens) for managing the adaptively refined triangular grid. The discontinuous Galerkin method developed in cooperation with Francis X. Giraldo.
Movies of test cases:
without artificial viscosity: (no flux limiter causes noisy…

Adaptive numerical modeling of atmospheric moist convection (MetStröm-project 2008 – 2012)

Theoretical understanding and numerical modeling of atmospheric moist convection still pose great challenges to meteorological research. One of the difficulties is the multi-scale nature of the phenomena involved. For the first time adaptive methods of scientific computing are applied in our project to model the interaction of diverse scales of cloud dynamics. Starting point for t…

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I am working as a scientist at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) on developing energy efficient scalable numerical methods towards weather prediction on exascale supercomputers. On this website you can find some of my results and some of my teaching material which I developed for lectures given in the past years.

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